...frozen and fresh for major multiples

A guarantee of flexibility and punctuality
in production even for large orders.
With, as always, our certified quality.

Private label pizzas and oven specialities

Ready to satisfy major multiples’ requests with made-to-measure projects

Products with distributors’ own brand are fast taking more and more space on supermarket shelves. Trust in us for your range of branded packaged products for the frozen counter, we have over 20 years’ worth of experience in the national and international market. Or contact us to guarantee an offer in the fresh counter that will enable your outlet to lower its internal production costs.

Our products are certified and undergo continuous test, prepared with quality ingredients, do not contain preservatives and are practical and convenient. From our attention towards the food market and diverse dietary needs, as well as the Classic range, the Organic range, Vegan and Gluten Free ranges. They are to be tasted!

Our products, perfect for your needs

Variety in the offer

Frozen and fresh, numerous recipes to personalize.

Quality certification

Only controlled ingredients, processes and suppliers.

Ready to sell

No additional work required.

Transparent communication

Clearly printed labelling with nutritional values indicated.

Delivery reliability

Production capability and punctual service.

Recommended for you

The great pizza made in Italy

Artisanal quality, numerous flavours, tailor made. Long shelf-life (12 months frozen).


Snacks, delicious temptations

Small pizzas, slices, Roller, Diavoletto and many other tasty ideas.


Something different: Flammkuchen

Crispy, rustic, decisive in flavour: an alternative that was missing from your menu.


Simplicity and flavour: focaccia gourmet

Valued flours, natural yeast, the highest of quality for a transverse target.


Vegan, Organic and Gluten Free

Prodal’s well-being range, for those who are health conscious.


Discover all the other products

A wide range products, for all tastes and needs.


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