Welcome to Prodal

A modern entrepreneurial factory specialized in the production of pizzas, focaccias, bruschettes and snacks

To our products, we carefully dedicate a long leavening time and choice of the best raw materials.
They are ideal for those who are looking for quality, quick heating and service: Ho.Re.Ca, major multiples, door to door. With a sales network which reaches both the Italian and global markets, Prodal, today, is a well-known point of reference both in frozen and in MAP.

Our Mission

Password: quality (of the product) and flexibility (with the client)

Every day our highest efforts are aimed at two precise objectives. Guaranteeing the highest quality, for a pizza made with passion and as good as the pizzeria’s. As well as being close to the client, ready to reply to diverse needs, of the product and service. Flexibility for us, is a summary of the words “with care and made to measure”, both in large and small production.

History, in short

From a family environment to company dimension, maintaining the same group spirit

It seems a long time has passed since Tiziano Zanuto, amongst the founders and the company’s actual CEO, ran around in a van with a pizza board and cutter offering pizzas to potential customers. Yet, his perserverance and certainty have never changed, even today Prodal is an affirmed and well-structured reality. Born from a family of experienced artisan pizzaioli, it grew thanks to continual product and processing research, combined with the use of the most modern technology. In fact, it is not only necessary to know how to make pizzas well: the challenge has always been to link quality and production capability. The years have passed, and success has arrived. However, the spirit has remained intact: Prodal continues to be a great family where everyone is proud to add its contribution. As Tiziano says, “a great experience of life”.



Prodal opened its doors in San Donà di Piave, in the province of Venice


Move to new headquarters to increase production capacity


A 48% increase in export in Europe and the world


The development plan foresees the increase of the production area to 11.000 sq. m.

The importance of the team

Human relationship, staff training and team spirit are the principle hinges in our company.
Because feeling part of a great project is the best way to improve and grow together day after day.